I was up swiping on Tinder one late night and came across this page of this guy. He had a really nice smile, I liked his style, and he seemed pretty interesting. He wasn’t initially my type as far as personality (self proclaimed nerd) but I was intrigued and wanted to get to know him a little bit more. So I swiped right, and we matched.

I got a message from him that next morning

It was cute. So I responded. We engaged in some conversation via the app and then I decided to give him my number because it just makes life easier, especially when you are busy working. He texted me his info and with a picture of himself to let me know he wasn’t a catfish. Although, I’m pretty sure he used a filter on his picture. Side eye #1.

We talked and decided to meet up for drinks on a Monday night after he got off work. I had a flight the next day and would be gone for a few days. So we thought it made sense to meet up and see if we click before we spend the next few days wasting our time with the endless back and forth text messages that in my experience ultimately leads nowhere.

We decide to meet at the Local. It is a Irish pub in downtown Minneapolis. I had never been there and actually never heard of it until that evening. Its a pretty cool spot actually, check out their Yelp Page.   When I arrived he’s already there, but the way the place is set up, I could not see him. He eventually saw me and greeted me at the door. He was soooo short! ( Well short for me, he wasn’t like 5’2″ or anything).  Side eye #2

Ladies- make sure you always ask their height before agreeing to go out; if that is a requirement for you. Some ladies are okay with their man being shorter than them, but I am not one of those ladies. Sorry not sorry.

We sat at the bar and ordered some drinks. He decided to start with some Jameson pickleback shots. At that moment I knew we would get along. He is about that life. We threw back the shots and struggled to drink the pickle juice. Because honestly, who just drinks pickle juice. YUCK.

On the next round I ordered a cucumber collins but with tequila instead of gin. Who drinks Gin? And tequila and cucumbers together is legit one of the best combinations- Thank me later. He ordered a Jameson and 7-up. We talked and got to know each other. During our conversation I immediately knew that he is not the guy for me, and there would not be a second date. I totally friend zoned him in that moment.

His mannerisms were a little too much for me. And how he talked just didn’t do it for me. He had been hanging out with way too many “Bros” for me. But the ultimate thing for me was when he told me how great my eyebrows were. Side eye #3. I mean, he is not wrong, my eyebrows are pretty damn great. Like they should probably have their own IG type of great (okay they aren’t IG worthy but still you get the point). I usually give a side eye when a male compliments my eyebrows the way he did- anyone that is not my man. Because obviously, your man knows the right things to say.

We spent the rest of the date talking about his life. He’s from Atlanta, lived in LA as a talent manager (which could explain the eyebrow comment) and then talked about how he came to Minneapolis because of a job. He didn’t tell me prior to the date that he had kids, but I found that out during drinks. Not a deal breaker for me, but I think it is important for people to tell a potential date their basic situation (divorced/separated, kids, living situations). For some people, those things are deal breakers and failing to tell someone could be a huge waste of someone’s time and energy.

After a few drinks we were hungry and nothing on the menu sounded appetizing, so I suggested tacos. Because I always suggest tacos. Who doesn’t like tacos? If you are reading this and don’t like tacos, this is your cue to exit.

There was spot next door called Bario that had decent tacos, so we head there for tacos and more drinks. I ordered a cucumber margarita (again, the best combo) and some grilled steak tacos. He ordered the same along with some queso. That queso was pretty damn good! I’d order that again. The tacos were okay. Definitely not authentic Mexican tacos ( I know that there is not many authentic tacos in Minneapolis). But the margs are always a hit in my book.

We laughed and joked more. The conversation was easy flowing. We eventually got a little too tipsy,  thank god for the tacos to soak up the alcohol. The tacos were also clutch because I still had to go home and pack. I noticed he was getting a little too tipsy because he was starting to get a little touchy. And I wasn’t feeling it at all. So, I took it as a clear sign to start wrapping up the evening before we both got in trouble.

I really enjoyed the conversation and the company of my date that evening. I just did not see anything romantically with him. I would definitely hang out with him again if the opportunity arose. But on some friend zone status.

Back into the lake this fish goes.

Ladies- If that profile is speaking to you, let me know I’ll shoot you his contact info. He might be the fish for you!

Check out Barrio for some margaritas and Local for some good Irish whiskey if you are ever in downtown Minneapolis.

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