Online Dating Sites in Rotation

As soon as I moved to Minneapolis I set up two dating accounts 1) Tinder and 2) Plenty of Fish aka POF. I used them previously, so decided those would be a great start since they are pretty straight forward

For those of you who are not familiar with theses apps here’s a quick break down:

Plenty of fish is a public profile. You fill out basic information about yourself including- location, age, height, body type, whether you have a car, and a job (VERY IMPORTANT- and obviously a no brainer, but I will tell you more later). Pretty basic information that can help you decide if you want to respond to a person or not. You can also limit who can message you by narrowing the age and mile radius based on the current location of potential suitors. BUT beware anyone (within those parameters) can message you. It can be ALOT.

Tinder is a public profile. You can pretty much enter whatever you want. It allows you to enter your occupation and where you went to school. It also allows you to link your spotify, instagram and your facebook accounts. Your facebook account will show if you and the potential swipe have any facebook friends in common. It also allows you to see how far away (via miles) someone is from you. You are unable to message anyone unless they have matched with you. You must match by either swiping right, pressing the green heart button, or by super liking them (blue star). Then and ONLY then can someone message you. If you do not like someone, swipe left. So CLUTCH.

TIP: Being able to look at their instagram account via Tinder directly on their profile has turned some right swipes into some left swipes quickly! CHECK THEIR IG.

Now back to me. I set these accounts up because for a few reasons: First, I was in a brand new city and thought it would be a great way to explore and see the city with a local. Second, I figured it would be a great way to meet new people, since I knew no one. And most importantly, each app would provide the means for me to get my feet wet in the dating scene again.

That first week on the apps was epic! My POF account was on fire! Like, I was waking up to at least 50 new messages a day. Then dozens throughout the day. It was overwhelming! To some degree it kinda felt great to feel like you poppin even for a little bit. But some of the messages were just ridiculous. Ladies, you know what kind of messages we get from men. Men literally have no shame.

EYE ROLL!!!!! Make sure you set those limitations!

Tinder was popping too. You just have to sit down and find the time to start swiping right, that’s when the matches and messages will start rolling in. I like this concept better, because the people that message me, I’ve matched with, because I clearly liked something about them or their profile, and i am WAYYYY more inclined to engage in a conversation with them versus. POF, you are literally having to block someone every other day. My block game is kinda strong!

That first week was definitely overwhelming especially for someone who had been out of the dating scene for a while.

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