Shoot Your Shot

There is a bar that my friends and I have been frequenting since the weather has changed here. This bar/restaurant is known for a specific drink. I have to refrain from saying what drink because it will be a dead giveaway for the locals.

I had been to this bar on a few occasions. I have been there with friends, coworkers, and my parents. There is a server at this bar who is definitely some eye candy. He’s tall about 6’2 little thick body- with a bald head and a full beard. It was definitely the beard that got my attention. [I’m starting to realize bald head bearded man is my thing]. Every time I went to this bar I would notice the server, because how could you not?! . Never really said much to him but one day I decided to shoot my shot. What did I have to lose? [Literally the ability to return to my favorite bar so there’s that!].

One Friday night my coworker and I went to the bar for some drinks and to meet up with her guy she was talking to. After getting some liquid courage, I decided to leave him my name and number on the receipt. I thought we would have left the bar before he picked up the receipt and that’s why i even decided to shoot my shot. While we were sitting at the table with the signed receipts [and attached phone number] the server came by and asked for the receipts so he could close out his tables. Totally surprised, and with hesitation we gave the receipts over. I was immediately embarrassed about knowing i could possibly get rejected and having to face it. Facepalm.

We sat at the bar a little longer just finishing our drinks and conversing, and the server came by and tapped my leg to let me know he will hit me up when he gets off of work. A big ass smile came over my face. Looks like shooting my shot actually worked! Wipes sweat off face! I’ve never been bold enough to give a guy my number like that, so I’m glad it worked out in my favor.

He hit me up that next day and we made plans to go on a date that Wednesday. His next day off. We met at Little Tijuana over on Eat Street. It was snowing out so that made traffic a little slower, and made him slightly late. But it’s okay, because he was looking really cute when he showed up.

So we go sit at the bar area. He is a regular there and knew the bartenders and told me what was good on the menu. I ordered a margarita to start and he ordered a milkshake. I definitely gave him a side eye for that. A strawberry milkshake from a mexican restaurant was odd. But I went with it. I ordered the tamales- they were ok. They obviously were not authentic.  [It’s probably time for me to stop eating mexican food in the Midwest, to be completely honest].

Restaurant Review– here is the link to the Yelp. It’s definitely not a place I would pick out. I also have not returned to this restaurant. Seems like a restaurant that locals/industry people go to because of their hours and deals. I love Mexican food, I’m from Cali. This is definitely not that! The authentic Mexican flavors are not there.

We talked about how i ended up here and my background. We talked about him, his life, how he grew up, his kids, his job. Literally everything. He talked about how he coaches a kids basketball team and he really lit up when he talked about the kids. Really cute to see him talk about his love for kids and basketball. I wanted to know everything about him. We wrapped up dinner and he paid the bill [as he should] and helped me put on my coat. Something as simple as helping my put on my coat gave him some points. He then walked me out to the car. And we ended the date with a kiss. It was a nice kiss. I am really big on chemistry and how someone kisses. Bad kissers are a deal breaker for me and will get someone left on read.

The following weeks we talked and I would come to his job on the days he worked. He was busy with his 2 jobs, coaching, and being a dad that we didn’t have time to get togher for another date immediately. I would go to the bar on the days he would work and we would spend time together between his customers.

He seemed like a little bit of a challenge to me, and that’s probably what kept me around for longer than it should have. We would make plans to hang out or come to my house and chill. He would come over sometimes and sometimes he would flake. He was more flakey than he should be. He always had an excuse. Some of the conversations seemed like pulling teeth with him. I am just not here for forcing someone to have a conversation with me. Exit to the left!

We ended up having another date and went to Dave and Busters. And we already know how the Dave and Busters dates go. And the date went great. He made these promises to be more consistent and make more of an effort. But we all know how that goes. Always reverts back to how they truly are.

So I decided to just fall back on him, because who has time for the inconsistency when there are plenty of other potentials trying to take that spot. So byeeeeee.

We would see each other when I would come into the bar. We always flirted with each other when I was there. This is the spot that we frequented, so we would go with different groups of people. Every time we brought a guy with us  [ guy friend or coworker] he would treat us completely different. Service was always terrible when there was men at my table. He would act so salty!

Months pass and we haven’t talked or seen each other. Numerous reasons for that. And I get a Snapchat at 3am from him- asking for a chance to redeem himself. [ I mean, i was looking pretty good on Snap that evening].

But, I’m good on going through the cycle of never ending nothing with him. I have way more important things to do!

Another fish back into the lake!

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