Labor Day Weekend

I got a message from a guy we will call Jameo (will make sense why)  on POF. We exchange messages and decide to go out Labor Day weekend.   We had been in communication via phone and facetime prior to our first date and we seemed to hit it off pretty well.  He lived in one of the southern suburbs of the twin cities and it was about a 30 minute drive without traffic or terrible weather conditions. Since he lived so far he planned to get a hotel on labor day weekend so he could enjoy his weekend and get as lit as he wanted to without the worry of DUI’s or expensive ass uber rides. He’s clearly done this before.

We decided to meet up at The Freehouse in North Loop, Downtown Minneapolis. I decided to take an uber there from my downtown apartment because I had a feeling driving home might be a bad idea.  We get there and he is there before me waiting at the front. The restaurant is packed, but he is easy to spot. He looks exactly like his photos. Very tall and dark skin. My type.

We get escorted to our table right near the front of the restaurant.  We both order a Jameson as soon as the waitress comes to our table. I of course order one with a sprite, and he gets his straight.   While we are looking over the menu, someone he knows from around the city spots him and comes over to the table and they start chopping it up. He does not introduce me, and I am actually glad that he doesn’t.  I was not in the mood to be introduced as anything.

I ordered the salmon and he orders the bone marrow.  We end up ordering two more drinks before the food arrives. Once the food arrives, he taste his bone marrow (which did not look appetizing; and is no longer on the menu) he hates it, and sends it back. My salmon was hella delicious, cooked perfectly.  So I am at 3 drinks total for the first stop. Conversation is good so we decided to keep the night going.

We then decide to get drinks at The Loop down the block. They have a DJ in there and it’s pretty packed.  We go to the bar and order yet another drink. We talk about life. The usual. He tells me about his life and how it was different from having to adjust to moving to America as an immigrant from Africa when he was 16 years old. He has a very interesting life story of how he got to where he is. He has definitely kept my attention this night.  I have about 2 drinks total at The Loop.

At this point I’m feeling like “ why end the night, I’m feeling great, I look good, he’s feeling me, lets keep this going”. ( LOL at the thoughts that run through our head).   Probably wasn’t the best thought I’ve had all night. LOL. We then get an uber and go to Crave to their rooftop party. We go to the bar and have a seat. Really can’t even say anything bad about the date so far. The conversation is flowing very easily, we are having a great time. We order MORE drinks.   Because we needed more drinks right. I think I am up to a total of 7 or 8 Jamesons at this point. I have no idea what number he is on. I am extremely intoxicated at this point. I am starting to feel it, and kinda regretting that last drink.

I get up and go to the bathroom  and “break the seal” hoping it will snap me back to reality.  I leave him at the bar and tell him I’ll be back. I come back to the bar after getting my life together  and he is not in the seat that I left him in. I look around and don’t see him anywhere. I walk back to the bathroom and still don’t see him.  I call his phone, no answer. Being the person that I am, and hate waiting, I decide to leave. I walk towards the exit, walk down the 3 stories of stairs, which is way harder than I thought it would be. I call his phone like 2 more times. Still no answer. I’m like ok, maybe I’ll see him outside, trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Nope. he is nowhere to be found. I’m like, WOOOOOW, did I just get ghosted mid date.  HE IS LITERALLY NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I’m legit so embarrassed. I decided to go home. I thankfully only lived 4 blocks away. They felt like New York blocks seeing as how drunk I was. I realized I was very drunk when random people on the street were asking me if I was ok. All I kept thinking is my dad would literally kill me for being this stupid.

I end up making it home safe, THANK GOD. I immediately go to my bed. Well I grabbed a loaf of bread before I hit the bed ( because bread literally soaks up all the bad decisions from the night before, don’t believe me, Try it!).   I woke up the next morning to a loaf of bed next to my head and 10 missed calls and soooo many text messages. They were all from him. So I call him because I’m just so confused and wanted to know what the hell happened.

Apparently he was so drunk that the bouncers kicked him out of the rooftop bar. He was so embarrassed because he was trying to impress me all night (hence one of the many reasons why he drank so much, he was nervous), and getting kicked out he don’t know how to tell me that.  I think it’s BS answer, because bruh, just tell me you left and meet outside. He was so apologetic and I actually felt bad for him. Felt so bad for him I agreed to meet up with him for lunch. It was labor day weekend and my first month in the city and I didn’t want to spend the holiday week in the house. (Honestly, felt bad for myself).

We ended up meeting up that day and grab some Ethiopian food. That was my first time having Ethiopian food, it is so damn good. He orders a drink as soon as we get there. I could tell at that moment, he is NOT the person for me. I mean I already knew that from the night before and his actions, but the fact that he could even think about alcohol AGAIN after all we drank last night. NAH BRUH, I’M GOOD.  I ended up drinking water all day, because the thought of alcohol made me sick.

Back in the lake he goes!

We have actually kept in touch, and I  would consider him my associate/ friend at this point (which feels really weird writing about him).  We have met up and went for drinks a few times, I also see him out at the club and bars doing what he does best.  I still get random 3 am text from him about how beautiful I am, how he missed me, even told me he loves me at one point. He even blocked me from sending him messages on POF.  He has also told me that i am probably too picky and high maintenance and that why I am single. LMAO. He clearly got salty at one point.

Men, just because a woman does NOT choose you does not mean she is picky and/or too high maintenance. It simply means, SHE DID NOT CHOOSE YOU. Stop trying to label everything.

And I am ok with being high maintenance and picky, I do not see the problem with either of those.

Let me know if men or women have ever tried to label you simply because you curved them!

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