Welcome to Land of 10,000 Dates!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I live in the land of 10,000 lakes. AKA Minnesota. This blog will be a documentation of my journey as a transplant to the Midwest through the lens of my dating life. IT’S LIT. 🔥🔥🔥

So let’s talk a little bit about me and who I am.

I am an African American female in my early 30’s from sunny southern California. I am in a professional career, which took hella work to get to! Imma pat myself on the back!! My career is something that I wanted for a long time, so I wanted to secure a job upon graduation. As a result, I was NOT taking any chances with securing the bag 💰💰💰. And that is how I ended up in the last place I ever thought I would be…The MIDWEST! Specifically, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Moving anywhere outside of California was out of my comfort zone. I made the executive decision with the support of my family and friends to pick up my life and move over 1,800 miles away from everyone and thing I knew. I moved to a city where I had not one tie to, I knew not one soul, and I had never been there (outside of my job interview). This city also had a completely different climate. Like I legit moved to the North Pole!! Where I was in Cali was literally 75 degrees EVERY DAMN DAY. Minneapolis is the frozen tundra. I have never lived anywhere that had a winter or anywhere that actually had all the seasons; besides Santa Ana winds and summer. Also throw in the fact that I was starting a new career where what I do has a direct affect on other’s lives was SCRESSFUL! [definition- Adjective- stressful, stressed, stress. One level above the traditional level of Stressful].

I never thought I would leave home. I am super close with my family, especially my nieces and nephew. Although I left home for once before and moved to a different city, I knew there was an end date; which made it easier to get through. I went through a tough breakup in early 2016 and decided I needed a change of scenery and decided to do an internship in Atlanta. I had the time of my life in the A! Y ’all know how ATL is. Same concept as now, I knew no one out there and realized that I can make it anywhere and it was the time in my life to go live it for myself. So THAT’S 👏🏾WHAT 👏🏾 IMMA 👏🏾DO 👏🏾!

It’s a scary thought to move somewhere brand new when you are in your 30s. The thought of making new friends, dating, and just starting your life again is a thing that keep a lot of people back and clinging on to the security in their comfort zone. But what greatness has EVER come from a comfort zone. “The Love of Comfort is the Enemy of Greatness.” So, I took a chance and got out of my comfort zone in order to let the greatness happen.

And that is how I ended up in Minnesota, where they pride themselves on being “Minnesota Nice,” but I’ll address that myth later. I know you all are like what does this have to do with my dating life. I am a black women in Minnesota and my background of how I got here has a lot to do with my style of dating, the men I attract, as well as my interaction with the men I have been on dates with.

This blog will document that journey of my dating experience in the Midwest. It will show the process of the traditional dating and the new age online dating. There will be discussions about the man, the conversations prior, during, and after the date, the actual date [good, bad, and the ugly], and we will also talk about the date location [food, location, and service]. Think of this as the “YELP of DATING”. I have every intention of keeping the men anonymous as much as possible, but if you know, then you know. OOOOPS. There will also be some posts about the journey for women dating online and what our options are (or lack thereof), the messages and comments we endure, as well as some of the other things we only have to put up with.

Thank you for your support and for reading.

Stay Tuned!

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